Zoë’s Story

Thank you for your order from Nonna’s Gourmet Foods. Our marinara and spicy marinara (arrabiata) sauces stem from our award-winning restaurant located in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee and a strong commitment to aid in the fight against childhood illnesses. My daughter, Zoë Marie Maggipinto, was diagnosed with Atypical Teratoid / Rhabdoid Tumor, a rare and aggressive tumor found in the cerebellum and spinal areas of children younger than three years old.zoe-photo

The excellent treatment she received from St. Jude Children’s Hospital has inspired me to continue the fight against AT/RT and other childhood illnesses by creating Nonna’s Gourmet Foods. Through the purchase of our gourmet marinara, spicy marinara (arrabiata) sauces and other gourmet products, you’re also helping children like Zoë. A full 100% of each purchase goes directly to organizations committed to fighting childhood illnesses and will aid in the fight against AT/RT and other life-threatening conditions so that future families might have even more of a fighting chance when their loved ones fall ill.

So while you’re enjoying the great taste of Nonna’s Gourmet Foods, enjoy the fact that you’re also helping to bring about a future where families who need help will receive it.

Thank you for helping us make miracles possible.

Daniel Maggipinto
Chef / Owner
Nonna’s Gourmet Foods

If you do not want to purchase any of our products to help the cause, you can also contribute directly to The Zoë Marie Brain Tumor Research Fund.

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